Book Store Tours – A Little Beach Reading


Our favored little shore town offers a few options for the procurement of enjoyable printed word, but none (perhaps) as quaint, nor satisfying, as this.  You might miss it if you happen only to stroll the main thoroughfares; it’s around the corner… and then around the corner again.  Local bookworms consider it a most precious resource.  It’s a bit larger than a mere hole in the wall, but cozy indeed, and is bursting with second-hand treasures.  Long ago, when I first resolved to read as many timeless classics as I could, I found some ideal candidates here. Like many used book stores, you sometimes feel as if you’re robbing the place blind, casting a mere dollar or two down on the counter for a charming (albeit slightly tattered) hardbound copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins, or Robinson Crusoe.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s a sportingly suitable sci-fi fantasy section where you might find a David Brin or a lesser-known Asimov among the GRRM’s and Terry Brooks volumes you’ve likely already read. “In fact, is that my old copy of The Ilse Witch there?” I asked myself during a recent visit. I’m glad others will get to enjoy it, though I’m not one to often let go of any book from my collection. There is also a nice children’s corner with picture and chapter books for the little ones, and us adults with youthful tastes every now and then–give me A Cricket in Times Square any day of the week, my friend.

The best part of this one I’ve found, however, is it’s extremely close proximity to the beach.  It’s almost too much joy to handle…





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