Spurlock’s Journal

Selected passages from the journal of character Steven Spurlock will be posted periodically to provide a peek into the world of The Pysop System.

“For a single moment in time, brief as it was, I could almost perceive the world the way we were meant to, with fresh, eager, hungry eyes; and in perfect order.  But it was only a moment, just as swiftly fleeting as all the rest.”

–excerpt from the personal journal of Steven Spurlock

Spurlock is a very mindful, analytical character.  He has to be.  He’s been forced into this impossible situation that he feels he must make sense of; that he must unravel.  Falling down and surrendering is not an option.

Sure, he would like to believe this is because his will power is simply too strong to allow him to give up, but perhaps his persistence is inspired by something else, equally as potent; fear.  Or maybe it’s his curiosity that spurs him on, or his desire to fulfill some important need that has yet gone unfulfilled.  Most likely, it’s the sum of these forces that is fueling his navigation through the many murky complications Planet Deaer has to offer.  Only one thing is certain–he’s got to find a way out of this before, with such brilliant fanfare, it all blows up in his face.


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